General FAQ
Do you take a percentage?

We are built on the Value4Value model. When a seller creates a profile, they have the option to donate up to 5% of the sale price to support Plebeian Market. When a buyer buys a product or wins an auction, they are asked to send this donation to Plebeian Market before they are connected to the seller to complete the transaction. For example, if you win an auction and the winning bid is 1000 sats and the seller has opted to donate 2.5%, you will be prompted to send us the 25 sats donation before being connected with the seller to pay the remaining 975 sats.

Is Plebeian Market open source?

We are 100% FOSS. By using Plebeian Market not only are you supporting its continued development, but you're also supporting other FOSS (free open source software) projects in the Bitcoin community.

What kind of software license is this project using?

This project has been initially released under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Once we have completed the MVPs for the other components of the ecosystem we will transition to a more permissive license, most likely MIT.

Where can I share my question or feedback?

You can find us on Telegram or email us at support@plebeian.market. If you have a more technical feedback or would like to contribute to the development, you can find us on GitHub.


Everything about this project is designed by plebs for plebs.

Do you hold the funds in escrow?

We do not hold the money at any point. We simply run the auctions or display your listings and help you find the market value. The buyers are put in contact with the sellers and the two complete the payment directly. In the future we may develop an escrow system that does not require a trusted third party, such as a multisig Bitcoin escrow with a security deposit to protect buyer and seller, but we do not intend to ever be the trusted third party or hold the funds at any point during the transaction.

When do orders expire?

Orders should receive a payment within 24 hours, otherwise they expire! If a matching on-chain transaction is found in the mempool but it is not yet confirmed, the period is increased to 48 hours.

Buyer FAQ
What is Skin in the Game?

Skin in the Game is a Nostr NIP-58 badge that you can get by making a donation to Plebeian Market. It is a way to show your support for us but also a way for new users to show that they are committed to Plebeian Market and to avoid trolls.

How does shipping work?

You'll be able to see the shipping options and cost for each stall in the Stall Browser. Also, you'll be able to see and choose a shipping option during the checkout process. If you need additional information about the shipping cost for a specific listing, please reach out to the merchant of that listing directly using the contact button available on the stall page.

Seller FAQ
How do I get the XPUB/YPUB/ZPUB from my wallet?

Check this wonderful article by the Swan team on where to find the extended public key for the most popular wallets. We don't recommend using Muun, Breez or Phoenix because those are lightning wallets that support on-chain capabilities through some tricks, and we've had problems with them in the past.

How does shipping work?

When you create (or edit) your stall, you can specify different options of places where you ship your products to, and the cost to ship the products there.

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